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World Chef Walkthrough and other Tips

This walkthrough will give you a few suggestions and hints that can enable you to cut through gristle and bone.

World Chef Tips

Remember: The truth is, World Chef is supposed to be played at a leisurely speed. You must develop your restaurant’s menu, enlarge to add more tables, and handle resources and your fixings. If you do not serve them immediately your customers will not get up and leave, but on the other hand, the quicker they are served by you, the more rapidly new customers can file in.

world chef tips


Keep fundamental ingredients cooking always. Potatoes and your meat, so to speak, are. Cheese is just another popular base fixing. Constantly keep them cooking in order that one may serve customers with them and fold them into other dishes.

Examine the marketplace every so often. Other players put upward ingredients on the market, so it is worth checking it out once in a while. You might find a deal that is good!

Keep your fixings stocked up. Ensure that you maintain a big supply of uncooked ingredients on hand in order to cook without gap.

In exactly the same vein, ensure that you improve your storage when space gets tight. But if you are cooking at a near-continuous speed, this should not occur for some time.

Save time by figuring out the best way to read customers’ icons. A lot is said by your customers together with the small images above their heads. Identifying them can spare you the tedium of poking around to see what is in demand. An exclaimation mark means the customer needs a dish that you just do not have cooked up. A coin means the customer is prepared to pay you and done.

Like most free-to-play games, activities in World Chef take time, but counters could be sped up with hard currency (stone, in this instance). Nevertheless, when the counter reaches under 60 seconds, you can complete a job immediately free of charge. This really is really useful for high-demand ingredients with comparatively short wait times, like bread. Even choosing a minute less can make a significant change when you must make lots of something.

Spend it to the Grill Helper or Money Helper if you are going to spend muffins on new slots. You can open slots in your chef’s workstations, which allows them higher returns up. As you cannot have sufficient meat and bread spending stone to open up an additional slot in the Grill Helper or Dough Helper is recommended.

There is a good deal to maintain track of in World Chef! Fortunately, the head chef’s icon is really on the upper-left hand side of the display that will help you out. Delegate it to get a notion of which job you need to undertake instantly. Find more World Chef tips from Sc0ttgames.