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Illinois 2010 Elections: Attorney General Lisa Madigan Tips Her Hand in House Race to Succeed John Fritchey–and It’s Ann Williams

(Chicago, IL) — January 19, 2010. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has tipped her hand in the race on Chicago’s north side to succeed John Fritchey in Illinois’ 11th House district. Madigan’s preferred candidate in the Democratic primary–which includes attorneys Dan Farley and Ed Mullen–is Ann Williams. How do we know? A drive by the … Continue reading »

Illinois 2010 Elections: Rudy Lozano’s Challenge to State Rep Dan Burke Draws Old and New Media’s Attention, Political Intrigue

Hispanic activist Rudy Lozano, Jr.’s challenge to State Rep. Dan Burke (D-Chicago) for the House seat Burke has held for 19 years is drawing extraordinary old and new media coverage for a state legislative race. Continue reading »

Illinois 2010 Elections: Personal PAC Endorses State Rep Candidates Dan Farley, Ed Mullen and Ann Williams in Race to Succeed John Fritchey

(Chicago, IL) — December 21, 2009. Democratic state representative candidates Dan Farley, Ed Mullen and Ann Williams have all won the endorsement of the powerful pro-choice group Personal PAC in the race to succeed State Rep. John Fritchey (D-Chicago). Mullen and Farley, both attorneys, who are facing Williams, a pharmaceutical lobbyist, will have an easier … Continue reading »

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